HIPAA fines

HIPAA violation fines

Will we see reduced HIPAA fines

Are reduced HIPAA fines on the way? In 2019 we wrote an OCR letter that discussed the possible reduction of HIPAA fines. We were all for it – read about it here – OCR Caps HIPAA FInes. It looks like OCR is ready to change the annual fee structure. The new caps would be as follows: …

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HIPAA breach notification rule

HIPAA Breaches Running at Record Rate

HIPAA Breaches and You In the past 12 months, we’ve averaged over 3.3 million breached healthcare records per month. Aside from the breach of confidentiality this represents, the information in those records is used for financial fraud, insurance fraud, identity theft, and in some cases, blackmail. If it’s not happening or impacting you, it’s easy for …

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HIPAA violatons fines

HIPAA Fines Show How You Are Failing

HIPAA violations are on the rise. Although we didn’t hear too much about breach-related HIPAA violations during the pandemic, incidents were occurring, and the violations are now being pursued and published. The result is a steady stream of penalty announcements coming from OCR that should get everyone’s attention. Most recently, MetroHealth System in Ohio announced …

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HIPAA Security Reminders


HIPAA Security Suite has developed a weekly HIPAA Security Reminder series that’s FREE for all of us who are responsible for, or engaged in, the use and protection of PHI.

Pursuant to Section 164.308(a)(5) of the HIPAA Security Rule, the Standard states: Implement a security awareness and training program for all members of its workforce (including management).

This standard is part of our Best Practices Recommendations for HIPAA Security Suite users, but it’s available for FREE to anyone who wants to comply with HIPAA using the easiest, best tools available.

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