Risk management in the Covid era


We have written in the past about the cyber risks Covid related workplace changes have created. While we can report companies are catching up on plugging these new security holes, exploits continue occurring at alarming rates. Most of these attacks are still coming through phishing email scams, and most of those include infected PDF files. While securing the home is now a top priority for the work-from-home (WFH) organizational structure, many people are returning to their offices. And that’s where employees and employers face new risks.

Introducing Covid Risk Manager. Covid Risk Manager (https://www.covidriskmanager.com) was developed to help employers reduce their Covid related litigation risks and to help their employees be safer in the workplace. It is a series of short, entertaining animated video lessons your employees can watch and be quizzed on. They’ll learn how to reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases in the office, how to handle a possible workplace infection, and more. It was created by a Covid expert and media professionals who have been helping Hollywood get back to work. For a quick look at the style and quality of the production, you can view the introductory video here: http://acentec-5982046.hs-sites.com/covid-risk-manager. Pricing is straightforward and affordable for every organization with 3 tiers ranging from $24.99 for smaller companies to $14.99 per employee for larger ones. For larger groups, please contact Acentec for volume discount pricing.

Acentec is proud to be part of this project and proud to be helping companies reduce their risks and keep their employees safer. Get started today! Please call us if you have any questions.

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