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Key Advantages of Online HIPAA Training

As you probably already know, HIPAA is a federal law that created national standards to protect sensitive information from being disclosed without a patient’s permission.

Therefore, HIPAA compliance is not an option if you’re a medical practice, insurance company, nursing home, pharmacy, insurance company, or clearinghouse (to name a few). 

In truth, it’s a two-fold benefit. One, the patient feels secure, knowing their private information isn’t going to make it out to the public domain. Two, as the administrator, you feel secure, knowing that you’re not in breach of a law that could shut your business down if violated. 

So, why consider online HIPAA training? Well, since the training itself is mandated, why not find a way to make its completion easy and fluid?

With so many people working remotely these days, protecting data privacy is more important than ever. Therefore, putting the resources that come from HIPAA training at their fingertips is an excellent avenue to success. 

Why HIPAA Training?

Before we get to the plethora of reasons why your clinic or company would do well to host remote HIPAA training, let’s discuss why it’s important at all. 

Data breaches are enough to cripple an organization that once set out to serve the public and save lives. So, it’s important to treat medical information like it belongs beside the Queen’s jewels in the Tower of London. 

Leaks Can Happen Anywhere

Have you ever watched a small drip in a ceiling become a major problem? Flaws in the filing system of a doctor’s office, a clinic, a nursing home, or an insurance company can be likened to that kind of disaster. 

One little drip, drip, drop can expose a major problem in the structure of a home. Likewise, one small leak in a security system can open the floodgates, and expose unprotected devices and improper disposal methods. 

The sooner you can guard against these problem areas, the sooner you can prevent a flood from washing away all your blood, sweat, and tears. 

Temptation Abounds

Not to sound preachy, but don’t you agree temptation abounds all around us? Unfortunately, if you hire a staff member who’s not entirely ethical and they violate HIPAA, guess who’s on the hook? It’s not them alone. 

If a lack of HIPAA training is determined in an investigation, you, as the business owner, may be held liable, as well. You don’t want to be deemed negligent for a crime that carries fines with a huge range from a couple hundred dollars to well over a million. 

It’s a Safeguard

For insurance purposes (and the aforementioned disaster), in many cases, HIPAA training is not only a safeguard, but also a requirement. To receive proper insurance as a business, HIPAA training will serve you well. 

The law states that these training classes must not only take place, but be properly recorded. Take that as a blessing in disguise, however, for any worst-case scenarios. You always want to be able to prove that your HIPAA compliance is on par, up to date, and serving your patients well. 

Why Online HIPAA Training?

If patients can visit their doctor virtually, why can’t a crucial training class also take place virtually? Indeed, HIPAA compliance services can take place in an array of comfortable settings. 

Aid the Onboarding Process

If, for example, you’re onboarding a new employee, they can achieve HIPAA compliance even before they walk through the doors.

There are written assessments that can be completed and other checkpoints to make sure the new employee has not only read all the materials but also understood the magnitude of HIPAA compliance services. 

Increase Productivity

Whenever organizations need to call a meeting, everything stops. Phones can’t be answered; emails can’t (or shouldn’t) be responded to. So, there’s a nice way to work around that. 

If you email your employees a HIPAA compliance training and set a due date, then employees can rotate their time spent at the front desk vs. completing a training module. 

In the end, nothing needs to come to a full-stop and employees can still complete important training during business hours. 

Enjoy Automation

When you enter into the online realm of training, automated reminders are par for the course. Imagine a world where, as an administrator, all you had to do was log in once and a while and make sure your well-oiled machine is functioning at full capacity? 

You can see detailed deadlines, indicating who is due for what training. You can check assessments.

Completion can be automated and you can rest assured that everyone is abiding by the law. Indeed, your medical practice or insurance company is right where it should be. 

Adapt to Current Standards

Even as COVID (hopefully) passes us by, there’s a likelihood that remote work will continue for many. If you might allow some of your employees to maintain a remote schedule, then you want to make sure they’re taking every precaution to protect sensitive information. 

As such, online HIPAA training is all but required to ensure patient privacy and keep your business license in check. This can be handled remotely by giving employees a deadline. Or, you can use this as an opportunity to gather a few people together who can meet virtually and complete their classroom requirements. 

Protection and Ease

In the end, online HIPAA training provides the protection you need and the ease your employees will appreciate. HIPAA compliance laws come with a landslide of repercussions, so we invite you to make your adherence to these codes as smooth as silk.

Here at HIPAA Security Suite, we can help you become and stay HIPAA-compliant. We can even help you complete a HIPAA risk assessment if you think you might be in a red zone.

Of course, we also offer online staff training. And, perhaps best of all, we’ll also help you automate and maintain your HIPAA documentation. Stay on the right side of the law and never have to fumble for the appropriate documentation and proof. 

With us by your side, you can get back to the business of healing hearts, restoring health, and bringing families greater peace of mind. 

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Pursuant to Section 164.308(a)(5) of the HIPAA Security Rule, the Standard states: Implement a security awareness and training program for all members of its workforce (including management).

This standard is part of our Best Practices Recommendations for HIPAA Security Suite users, but it’s available for FREE to anyone who wants to comply with HIPAA using the easiest, best tools available.

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