Cyber Coordination

Cyber CoordinationOne of the more common situations we encounter with new clients is recognizing their documented policies don’t reflect their actual operations. Where this becomes most clear is when a new client has a policy for password requirements that says it resets every 45 days, when the actual setting is every 90. These are the types of inconsistencies that make you less cyber secure, but also vulnerable to HIPAA penalties.

It’s easy to see how these situations occur. An IT person may have made the change at the request of an administrator, but unless one of them updates the policy, it will be incorrect and you can be fined for that. In other cases, for HIPAA compliance, for example, perhaps policies were obtained by one vendor and another vendor handles the risk assessment. If those policies don’t get properly implemented, in coordination with your other vendors, then you’re violating basic cybersecurity principles and you’re not HIPAA compliant.

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