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Protecting your business in 2023

Do the basics this year.

There are many steps that a small business can take to protect itself from cybersecurity threats, but perhaps the single most important thing a small business can do is to implement a strong password policy. This includes requiring employees to use unique and complex passwords for all of their accounts, regularly updating those passwords, and using a password manager to store them securely. Additionally, it's important for the business to have a secure network, with strong firewall protection and regular software updates to ensure that all devices and systems are secure. Finally, it's essential for the business to educate its employees about the importance of cybersecurity and how to identify and avoid potential threats.

A strong password is important because it helps protect your online accounts and personal information from unauthorized access. When you create a password for an online account, you are creating a barrier that makes it more difficult for someone to gain access to your account without your permission.

A strong password should be difficult for others to guess or for a computer to crack using automated tools. It should also be unique, meaning it should not be the same as any of your other passwords or similar to any personal information about you (such as your name, address, or date of birth).

There are several reasons why it's important to use strong passwords:

  1. Security: A strong password is more secure because it is less likely to be guessed or hacked. This is especially important for accounts that contain sensitive information, such as financial accounts or accounts that store personal data.
  2. Privacy: A strong password helps protect your privacy by making it more difficult for someone to access your personal information without your permission.
  3. Convenience: Using strong passwords can actually make your life easier in the long run. If your password is compromised, you may need to go through the process of resetting it and updating all of your accounts. This can be time-consuming and inconvenient. By using strong passwords, you can reduce the risk of having to do this.

In summary, a strong password is important because it helps protect your online accounts and personal information from unauthorized access and keeps your information secure and private. It also helps prevent the inconvenience of having to reset your password or update your accounts if your password is compromised.

HIPAA Security Reminders


HIPAA Security Suite has developed a weekly HIPAA Security Reminder series that’s FREE for all of us who are responsible for, or engaged in, the use and protection of PHI.

Pursuant to Section 164.308(a)(5) of the HIPAA Security Rule, the Standard states: Implement a security awareness and training program for all members of its workforce (including management).

This standard is part of our Best Practices Recommendations for HIPAA Security Suite users, but it’s available for FREE to anyone who wants to comply with HIPAA using the easiest, best tools available.

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