One simple habit could save your ass(ets)


Log OutOne of the weaknesses in the human cybersecurity chain is well, we’re human. We make mistakes at various moments, whether we’re being rushed, or curious, We also get lazy, lackadaisical, or otherwise complacent, and when we do, we become vulnerable to an attack.

An example would be the simple task of logging out of websites. Obviously, whenever you’re on a public computer, this is mandatory. But for many of us, when we’re on our home or office workstations, we often choose to just close a browser rather than log out of a logged-in website.

The latest trend among hackers is not to announce their presence on your network. Once they gain access (typically through compromised credentials or missing security updates on your device), they don’t announce their presence. They wait, They wait for you to give them access to something they want. Your bank account, your Amazon account, your crypto exchange, etc. If you don’t log out of one of those sites when you’re done, and just close the browser instead, you’ve given them access to your account from your own machine. Additionally, if you’re making the security mistake of allowing your browser to store your passwords, you’ve given a hacker, or an unauthorized user, access to any site where your credentials are stored. So while you’re sleeping, with sugar plum fairies dancing in your head, Bad Santa’s evil elves are raiding your assets. Get in the habit of logging out of the websites you visit rather than just closing tabs or closing your browser.

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